Search Engine Optimisation


Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, which is why we’re experts at both. A combination of good content and a well designed website will make sure you get the online attention you need to make your business grow.


Keyword research and planning


There’s no quick and easy way to find the keywords your customers are likely to be using but the more we understand them and their online journey, they better we can be at predicting how they behave and what interests them most. We have plenty of tools to help us track consumer behaviour and this, along with our understanding of your business, will help us target the right words and phrases for search engines.


SERP analysis


The online landscape is forever shifting so we keep an eye on how your site is performing and where your keywords are ranking on different search engines.




Analysis and reporting is an important part of SEO consultancy and we will review this regularly, reporting on changes and progress and sharing intelligence. This knowledge will help us refine your online profile and could also inform your business strategy by indicating how your customers are browsing online.


On site optimisation


When your website is optimised for the keywords and phrases your customers are using, your online presence will grow naturally and organically. We can carry out a thorough review of your content, site structure and user experience to help you make the changes you need to create a positive impact on your Google and search engine rankings.


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