Content marketing is an evolving digital profession and, as with anything technology related, we can expect lots of new frontiers to come but there’s one significant change we should be ready for.


Martin Ford’s fascinating book The Rise of the Robots predicted back in 2015 that 90% of content would be “written” automatically by software within 15 years. We’re already seeing big retailers and global companies use auto generated content, product descriptions, listicles and blogs to help them populate websites, social media platforms and sales channels with mass content.


So if content writing is going to be done by robots what does the future hold for content marketers?


There are three key skills good content marketing agencies will specialise in over the next decade.


Content strategy


If the content businesses need is auto generated this leaves content marketers more time and resources to plan the perfect content strategy for clients. We’re already finding that this is where our time is best spent. Content is only effective for marketing if it’s well-read and content marketing agencies will become more valued for their skill in promoting content via social media, online channels and influencers to reach the right target audiences.


Visual content



If written content is being created by machines, content agencies will find themselves becoming more involved in the creative side of content – video, infographics and animation. Here at the Content Market we’re investing heavily in developing animation, video and visual content strategies for clients to capture the attention of audiences in a world of average and automated content.




No matter how much time and effort machines can save us in terms of content creation, they cannot get to know our clients like we do. Mass generated content can go some way towards supporting the content marketing goals of big organisations but content agencies will be responsible for tailoring that content so that it promotes the PR and marketing messages of the brand.


Thankfully, most content is still written by human writers and journalists and the era of mass machine generated content is still some way off. We’re preparing for any changes that lie ahead but in the meantime we’re enjoying using words to create powerful content, the way we always have.